It Starts With A Vision

2010 was a difficult time in Milwaukee to be a developer. With a powerful vision, a love for Milwaukee and an intense drive Rick Barrett saw The Moderne through from initial sketches to final execution exactly as he envisioned it. Denied by HUD 37 times, Rick continued to push forward, knowing that The Moderne would be and is the catalytic force that the Park East Corridor needed.

Resisting the urge to develop in other available locations throughout the city, Rick saw the potential in the location both for it’s 24/7 breathtaking views and it’s front door access to the most active nightlife neighborhood in the city. 

Currently with ten awards including 2013 Project of the Year and Residential Project of the Year in Midwest Magazine, The Moderne has forever changed the Milwaukee skyline and inspired many development projects in planning and yet to come. 

Rick Barrett


“You must have extremely thick skin to be a developer. Everyone will tell you why you can't accomplish something, but your main job is to tell them why you can. The Moderne was a perfect example of that.”

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