Miami In The Midwest

Stylistically, The Moderne is a reinterpretation of the Art Moderne movement of the 1920's and 1930's. This movement took cues from modern machines of its day, such as sleek ocean liners and the locomotive, as well as from a fascination with progress and forward thinking that characterized the era. 

Seamlessly blending form and function, this classically inspired style features simple, clean lines and seductive curves. The signature corner, located on one of Milwaukee's most traveled intersections, features a curved glass "diner" window stretching from the ground to the top of the building. The building is a statement of style and elegance evoking the spirit of Art Moderne while adapting the design principles for a new era.

Modernism is Optimism

The Moderne's luxury apartments begin on the 8th floor, in what is a predominantly low to medium rise neighborhood, and feature some of the most spectacular, unobstructed views in the city. Those include views of Lake Michigan, the Milwaukee River, and city views in all directions.

The interiors host an Art Moderne color scheme of dark and light finish materials that mirror the exterior color scheme. The building offers large windows with operable vents, including some floor to floor glazing areas. Many of the apartments and condominiums have exterior balconies that provide abundant natural light and fresh air to the unit interiors.

Matt Rinka


"I set out to create an iconic modern building that evokes high style through geometry and elegant lines. The timeless design draws from our rich local culture and international influences reflecting our belief that Milwaukee will continue it's progress towards a vibrant, global city."

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